December 2016 Newsletter

Lake Waldena Resort Monthly Newsletter December 2016
It’s nice to see our seasonal people back and getting settled, it’s been a joy to meet all of you and look forward to our future here at Lake Waldena
Our condolences to the family of Mr. McMillen #140, great guy, he will be truly missed!!
I am so happy to welcome Melanie back to Lake Waldena, she will be a great addition to our staff.
I am working on another idea to make our Wi-Fi better and have less problems.
Our 2nd dock will be started around the 1st of Jan. hopefully it will be a smoother process.
Residents are really enjoying the new pier, a lot of fishing going on.
Christmas dinner sign-up sheet will be on bulletin board, don’t forget to sign up.
I am working on relining and recovering the pool tables, hopefully that will be done soon.
We will have a blood drive Dec 29th from 8am to 1 pm.
Don’t forget we have many activities in December so look on the calendar on back.
Suggestion Box: 1. Make sure Mobile home park roads get blown off
2. Look into a solar generator for well pump in case we lose power.
3. Install a Bocce Ball court.
4. Purchase some storage units for residents to rent.
5. Allocate an area for dog walkers by beach area to be able to sit on bench and have a view of the water.
I can look at all of these things and discuss with owner. Thank You for ideas.

The Paddleboats have went over well, people are really enjoying them. Initially we wanted to get 3 swan paddleboats, they ran around $4800 a piece with the shipping, we thought, lets purchase these smaller ones to see if they will get the use, well we have seen they do get the use, so we have time to work on the other boats. This is all a work in process, if you will just give us the time you will see what we can do.

Emergency phone numbers are in front of the office, please respect the privacy of the staff who live on premise. It is to be used only for extreme emergencies, such as broken water pipes, sewer, electrical, etc, all other issues you should call 911. For non-emergency call 352-732-9111.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Lake Waldena. Sandra and staff!!

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