February Newsletter

February Newsletter
Happy February, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!
The winter is flying by and we have many projects in process. We are trying to deal with the things that are going to make our life better, drainage, electrical, and many things we don’t see but that need improved on.
Kathy and I have been doing our home inspections. We are looking at skirting, painting, molding, roofs, concrete drives and walkways, unlicensed vehicles, yards and back yards and excessive clutter.
Please start addressing these issues now, we don’t want to give warning notices but we want Lake Waldena to remain the best that it can be.
Let’s all welcome our new residents: #209 George and Sandra Sailor , #141 Steven Vasas and #150 The Cassidy Family and #178 Francis and Gene French!
I am noticing more and more cars double parked in roads, please do not do this, if emergency vehicles have to get by its makes it almost impossible.
Residents please do not blow your leaves in the streets, we do not have the time nor the manpower to pick these up. We have not changed anything in regard to this matter.
The second pier has been delayed but should be started very soon, we are sorry for any inconvenience but we must remain positive about this. Our goal and intentions are to keep improving the park and making our residents happy and content.
Reminder: Please pick up your cigarette butts!! They liter the park and the pets try to eat them.
Don’t forget the Valentines Dance on Feb 11th at 7Pm should be fun!!
Don’t forget the March 4th Yard Sales in the park, find some treasures!!
I hope you all like the Pavilion and that we enclosed part of it, many good guys got together and worked hard on this so that on those chilly days and nights they can be more comfortable, plus it keeps our food from having to be out in the weather. Thanks Guys and Gals!!
I must say that we have so many great people here that are willing to help people, I am so proud to be a part of this community, I can’t begin to name all of the guys and gals but we the staff appreciate everything you do and we are here to help!!
Please slow down, speed limits are for a reason!!!
On March 24th we will have our dinner for all residents at pavilion, look on Bulletin board at the end of Feb and sign up!!! Park will provide meats and some side dishes, bring a dish for at least 10 people to pass.

Thank You, Sandra and staff

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