June Newsletter

Lake Waldena Resort
Monthly Newsletter June 2016

Hello everyone, It’s June and summer is here!!
Things are quiet in the park, beach looking good since new sand has been spread out.
The change in ownership/management has been completed smoothly.
I have met some wonderful people (and dogs) in the last 4 weeks and look forward to interacting with all the people who call Lake Waldena home. Working together in a positive way can be very rewarding and will go a long way in making our park a better place to live.
We will continue to do our weekly inspections on our homes so that we get reminded to do the things that sometimes we forget to do because of work, or family or illness but we are here to help!

Just a reminder to please clean up after our wonderful pets at the dog park areas and dog walk, this helps all of us!!

Let’s all welcome Yvette Pizzarelli to #213, a great addition to our park.

We are very excited about future projects in the park, we will enclose the laundry room area with a screen door to help keep all of us more comfortable when doing our laundry.
We will also be doing 2 new docks, I will give you details in my next newsletter.
Last but not least, a few of the guys are playing cards on Mon. Wed. and Friday around 6PM, ask Ted for the details, they need players!!


We had such a great success last summer, and have had many inquires if we were going to run the same special this summer. And the answer is YES!
We will once again be running our summer on-site storage special from the beginning of May through the end of September. Bring in your rig, pick a non-prime site and storage your unit for only $50.00 plus tax per month. Then when you are ready to get away for a long needed weekend you just come on in, hook up your rig and pay only for the days that you’re here.
Mobile home owners and campers must check in their guest
If they are going to be using the beach
* Please make sure that ONLY HOUSEHOLD garbage is going in the dumpsters.

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