Lake Waldena March Newsletter 2017

March 2017 Newsletter

WOW!! The season went too fast, soon our friends will heading home and I just want to wish everyone safe travels.
Our annual Chicken/ End of season luncheon will happen, all invited, on March 24th at 1PM please sign up so that we know how many to prepare for. It will be fun and fulfilling. Bring a desert or a side to pass. Also, if we could get some volunteers to help set up and clean up would be nice. Important announcements will be made and people recognized. We have many wonderful people here that do so much for our community and I am proud to be a part of it.
Our condolences to the Mangon family for the passing of Vickie Mangon, our prayers are with you.
As you may have noticed our second Dock is almost complete, I am very happy with the results.
Our plan for the summer is to work on many projects, drainage, electrical, water shut offs and valves.
Campers, now is the time to reserve for next year, must be prior to April 1st. If you are planning to stay 4 months or longer you can book your specific site by paying your fourth month in advance.
March will also be the month we will be finishing our mobile home inspections, we look for mobiles that need painted or power washed, we look for mildew, we look for clutter in yards and carports, we look for roofs and gutters, concrete drives and unlicensed vehicles.
We will also do our inspections in the RV side, yards, power washing, clutter etc.
Reminder: All golf carts please stop at the STOP SIGNS, they are there for a reason!!!!
Reminder: If calling the Ambulance, please tell them what side you are on, Mobile Home side Or RV side.
Let’s all welcome Victoria and Beverly to our Lake Waldena staff.
On Thursday morning we will be picking up leaves make sure they are in bags or containers. Sandy and Staff

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