Lake Waldena September Newsletter


I find myself wondering where the days have gone. September is already here and we continue to see the weather change, nice breezes, sunrise and sunsets are beautiful and the grass gets greener.

The park is continually progressing with different projects, our goal is to make improvements and make this park a better place for us all to live.
Improvements we have been making are things that needed updated, we may not see them but all of the mechanicals make a difference in how we live.


If everything goes as planned the first dock should have a completion date of October 31st real excited, it will be very nice and hopefully used by all residents!


Shuffleboard courts will be resurfaced around September 19th depending on weather.
I have made a suggestion box that we can all put our ideas and suggestions in and open it every 2 weeks and see what the residents have come up with. I can chat with a few residents and we can make the decision on what we will and will not do.


On October 1st we will start closing our office on Sundays it is not feasible to stay open, it cost us to be open.


.We have seen several bears this month and also have got an alligator out of our lake. Please be cautious and know your surroundings, if you choose to swim, swim at your own risk. Living in the Forest these are a few things we have to be aware of.
It’s a great time of year to fish, we have the flat bottom boats that are free to Mobile home owners, take advantage of this! We are also going to be purchasing 2 or 3 paddle boats for your enjoyment!!
Please if you see any suspicious activity call the non-emergency Number 352-732-9111.
I am working on a couple of security cameras on property


Don’t forget Tuesday morning breakfast around 9- 9:30am bring a dish to pass.
Cards on Mon. Wed and Friday around 8Pm, ask Ted.
Thank You all for your patience and cooperation during the re-lining of our water tank!!!
On Fridays we will blow off the roads, weather permitting, as you all know it is a daily problem with the trees, leaves and pine needles but we will try.
More and more I am seeing residents stopping our maintenance people, please refrain from this, every time you stop one of them they get further behind, if you need something come to office and fill out a request form.


Getting excited to meet all of the people in the fall and see all of the activities I have been hearing about.


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