Lake Waldena Resort
                                                                        October 2016 Newsletter

  Fall is here and I am very excited to meet everyone and get the activities started!

Hopefully we will have a mild winter and we will be able to open the windows and let the fresh air in.

The dock permit has been issued and construction will begin soon, the shuffleboard courts have been resurfaced and I am looking to purchase 2 Paddle Boats for the lake

October is a good month to do fall cleaning, power wash your homes, clean your roofs, weed and spruce up your yard. We still do our weekly inspections so look for us to stop by! I see many roofs that need cleaned and I know you are working on them!

We are working on a new bagger for our mower that will help pick up debris off the streets.

Please make sure you pick up after your pets, on the roads and in the dog park areas, we want a nice place to live and our park to be clean.

I have many ideas for the holidays, I will post in next newsletter!

    In our suggestion box we have these ideas from the residents:
1. Put lockbox or keycard on Bathhouse with a code so just our residents can use them. Excellent Idea!!
2. All homeowners need to clean out their pit where shut off valves are because they fill with sand and bury the valve, then cover with foil and place block over them. Another excellent idea!!
3. Pressure wash concrete slab by the bulletin boards! Already done!
October Events:
October 1st: Silver Springs State Park: Coffee with the Birds- 8am-10am
October 8th: 9am-2pm Ocala Farm Market: Downtown Ocala, locally grown farm produce, crafts, food items and more!

Happy Halloween!!!