Lake Waldena
January 2017 Newsletter

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
The New Year can be whatever you want it to be, make it a great year!!!!
The projects to improve the park will continue throughout the New Year.

The first or second week of January the fishing dock will be started. As you may have noticed, we have painted the playground equipment, it looks great!! My goal is to freshen everything up.
The pool tables have been redone and they look great, I hope the guys and girls are happy!

Residents have asked to enclose the far end of the pavilion for those chilly nights and days, I am waiting on approval for that.
We are also going to have to update our Cable TV, the satellite receiver’s will no longer work after July. This will take some time so be patient.

.We are in the process of updating WI-FI with stronger repeaters or more repeaters

.Reminders: Please refrain from parking in undesignated areas, emergency vehicles mustbe able to access our roads.
Dumpsters are for household trash only, please do not put TV’s or furniture in dumpsters.

Lets all welcome our new maintenance man, his name is James.
Please do not leave your pets unattended per Doggie rules! And of course please pick up after them. It seems someone is not cleaning up after their pets, so other people have to step in it, if we see someone not picking up after their pets it could result in a $25.00 fine, we don’t want to have to do this but we will. Also, pets cannot be roaming free without a leash,( unless they are in your pens) pets must be on a leash at all times!!
We will be doing inspections on all homes at the end of January, please start power washing them, cleaning roof’s, decluttering front and back yards and sprucing things up, if we have to do it for you it will be a large service fee. We are here to help you, not make things worse for you. We all want the same thing to live in a nice clean community.

Sandra and Staff