Lake Waldena Resort
April Newsletter

Kathy’s first newsletter!!!
I am very pleased that our annual chicken luncheon went very well and each year we will work to make it even better!
Safe travel to all our wonderful people that are heading home. We will miss your smiling faces!!
Reminders: Please be sure to bring your list for lawn care and make sure we have emergency contact information.
We would like to welcome our new residents: #157 Robert Simpson and #162
Jose Martinez #141 Steven Vasas and Jack and Sue Krueger #186.
So happy with the docks, make sure you look at the glass in the first dock.
We are working on many projects this summer, and we will be busy!!
We thanked several people at our annual luncheon for all the special things they do for our park:
Bernie Beasley, Pam Gardner, Bob Minnehan, and the COFFEE CLUB, these are great people that want to help our community.
I want to thank our staff and maintenance for the challenging work they do every day, THANKS Gals and Guys!!
We have noticed your efforts on cleaning up after your pets, we have only had to do a couple of fines of $25 each, this does hurt your pocket so please continue to do so.
Sandra will have an office here to be able to confer with her 4 other locations that she will oversee as Regional manager of this area. She will also still live here. Good Luck Sandra!!! Kathy and staff!