how to paint a bathtub yourself

You can also go for mildew-resultant paint to keep your bathtub free of mildew. 4″ Mini Roller & Short Nap Cover; Foam Paint Brush; Small Paint Tray; 4′ x 5′ Canvas Drop Cloth; Utility Knife; Disposable Gloves; Painters Tape; NOISH Approved Respirator; Caulk Gun; Caulking Tool; Rags; Scotch-Brite Scrub Pads; Materials Needed “Never pick a water-based paint or any interior paint, because both of these will inevitably crack and peel after a couple of hot bubble baths. You can use either a paint roller, paint brush or paint sprayer for painting a bathtub. Follow instructions about how long the epoxy should cure before you use the tub, and if you can wait even longer, do. We weren’t showering in the flip houses so we let them sit for a few days before we put water in them. With your paint can about 6-8 inches away, start spray painting. Read More about How To Paint A Bathtub Yourself – A Complete DIY Guide. Turn on your faucet and soak a cloth with water. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t skip when painting your bathroom, it’s washing the walls. Use light even strokes with the roller and don’t try to roll over painted areas too much as the paint will start drying and not lay as smooth the more you roll over it. It is always a good idea to test any surfaces you plan on sanding for lead before sanding. //

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