May News Letter

Lake Waldena Resort
Monthly Newsletter May 2016

S U M M E R I S F I N A L L Y H E R E ! ! ! ! !

WOW! A lot of changes have been happen around here lately to say the least. So this should sum it up and answer some of your questions.

As you may or may not know Doris Hilgeman has sold the park. We would like to take this time to introduce the new owner and manager. Hugh Reid is now the owner of Lake Waldena. He is originally from Maryland and has recently purchase a home here in central Florida. He has been married to his beautiful wife Margaret for 20+ years and have two wonderful sons Isaac and Hugh Jr. Mr. Reid is third generation in the mobile home and outdoor hospitality business and owns several parks throughout Florida.

Sandra Brown is the new on site park manager. She has been married to her husband James for 35 years and has moved into site 206. They have 2 beautiful children Robert & William and 11 grandchildren.

Sandra and Hugh wave been working together for over three years and make quite the team.

They have offer to keep on all staff. Kathy and Lisa are still running the front office. Lonnie has chosen a different road. Bryon has been promoted to Lonnie’s old position as general maintenance supervisor and they have hired William “Bill” Ellis for general ground maintenance. Some of you may already know his as he resides in the RV Park. Unfortunately Kim Trojanowksi has decided not to stay on with the park at this time due to her current health issues. She feels it’s time to put her health care first. Kim will begin her radiation in mid May. She goes twice a day, every day for 5 weeks. Once her radiation is complete she will then have three back to back surgeries. Fortunately Kim has offered to say with us a consultant to help with the transition.

Things here are running the same as they have always done. What’s the saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. Some of the things that have been discussed and that are already being put into action is cleaning up the beach area, bringing in fresh new white beach sand and improving the ramp to the beach. They will be enclosing the laundry room entrance with screen to help keep the dust and leaves out.
You guys have been talking and we have been listening.

When mailing ANYTHING to the park please address the envelope to “Lake Waldena MHP, LLC” As well as rent checks should be endorsed the same “Lake Waldena MHP, LLC. The address will stay the same. We heard Lake Waldena is a great tight family community and we look forward to keeping it that way and meeting each and every one of you. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office at any time.


We had such great success the last few summers, and have had many inquires if we were going to run the same special this summer. And the answer is YES!
We will once again be running our summer on-site storage special from the beginning of May through the end of September. Bring in your rig, pick a non-prime site and storage your unit for only $50.00 plus tax per month. Then when you are ready to get away for a long needed weekend you just come on in, hook up your rig and pay only for the days that you’re here.

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