October News Letter

Lake Waldena Resort
Monthly Newsletter October 2015

Well fall has officially arrived. Lets’ hope the weather gods are looking down on us this year for another wonderful winter season. The days are still a bit warm but the evening and morning air is changing just a bit to let us know that cooler weather is near. Because the days are still pretty warm we will be keeping the beach open through the month of October.
So get out there and take a dip!

Attention Campers:
The maintenance staff will be going through the park pressure cleaning all concrete pads the week of October 12th. Please have all personal items lawn chairs, floor mats, etc. removed from the pads.
Thank you in advance for your corporation.

Activities will be starting through-out this month. Please make sure you check the activities board for any activities that may be starting mid-month and didn’t make it our calendar.

Reminders :

A) It is Mandatory that you pick up after your pets. Please keep to the dog paths or take your pets to the dog park. Do NOT cut through sites or lots or congregate in the common areas. PLEASE RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBORS

B) We will be starting the evening campfires again here shortly. We would like to remind everyone to watch their profanity. Lets Make it enjoyable for all!

C) Please make sure that ONLY HOUSEHOLD garbage is going in the dumpsters. And please breakdown any cardboard boxes before throwing them away.

D) Remember to watch your speed when driving thru the park. Speed Limit is Only 15 MPH.

Joke for the month:

Hearing Test
This old man thought his wife was getting hard of hearing, so he was going to test her. She was in the kitchen starting dinner. He was in the living room. He yelled out to her asking what was for dinner, she didn’t answer. Then walked closer into the dining room, yelled out again, still no answer. He walked into the entrance to the kitchen, yelled out again, still no answer. He walked up and stood in front of her and asked again. What is for dinner?
She said I have answered you 4 times.

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