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It has great buoyancy and visibility. The original fly was called the Horner Deer Fly and was similar to a Tom Thumb fly from Canada. Put a hackle plier on the tip and begin to wrap rearward. Abdomen cover (overbody): Elk hair. Step 2: Tie in poly yarn, clip and wrap over butts. Furthermore, a number of groups have tried to credit the several people for being the master creator behind the fly. Yak Caddis in size 14. NEWSLETTER SIGN UP Travel Planning. The Royal Humpy is one of the classic attractors and no doubt one of the finest dry flies around. This tutorial will show a much more consistent method of tying the Humpy and in a much easier manner. The Humpy seems to have established itself as the number-one rough-water dry fly. Jun 3, 2015 - Humpy Fly Instructions. Step 5: Tie in tail and wrap forward. The Humpy is also tied in two styles, short and fat and the long and slim version I am tying here. They work very well in the summer and fall as they imitate a number of terrestrials. This fly … This fly very buoyant, colorful, easy to see and has a profile matching a variety of insects. The pattern was created by Jack Tucker of Pennsylvania. Some quick Internet research finds the fly was originated by Jack Horner, a Northern Sierra California fly tyer in the 1940’s. This pattern is the same as the Humpy, but rather than a split wing out of Elk hair, it uses white calf tail for better angler visibility. He said he could tie one in a minute. This popular western pattern comes in many variants of colour, wing and tail materials, hackle and single and double hump. That said, however, most anglers think of the yellow version when they hear the name. A Humpy profile with the colors of the Royal Coachman. It was known as Horner's Deer Hair Fly. Fly Category: Attractor Pattern. Here is what I do know about it's history. Tail/Humpback: Moose. Yellow flies are common in the Smokies from April through September and this fly comes through on small streams in the Smokies as well as rivers in other regions. As Tom Rosenbauer points out in his chapter on the Humpy in The Orvis Guide to Essential American Flies, the Humpy is more of a style of dry fly than a single pattern. Start thread and wrap a quarter way back, then come back towards the eye, Next tie in a single CDC feather by the stem. He said the pattern is really a foam-aided reinvention of a deer or elk hair Humpy made as durable and user-friendly as possible. The Humpy. Materials. This humpy is more durable and it floats better too! The Humpy dry fly is in the same category as the famous Royal Wulff which seems to … At the peak of its notoriety in the mid-20th century, Humpies ac­counted for ~30% of annual fly sales by western fly shops. Fly Fishing Christmas Ornament - Royal Humpy Fly Pattern Customers also shopped for. Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns. Pattern Description: The Humpy is my all time favorite attractor pattern and happens to be one of the first “real” flies I ever learned to tie. I am using an Allen 103BL size #14. It is still popular to­day. 1.555.555.555 | Email This BlogThis! Shop our Holiday Promo and receive a FREE AgentX line dressing with the purchase of select fly lines ... Home / Shop / Flies / Royal Humpy. Jack was a talker. Humpy. Humpy Black - Dry Fly. Royal Humpy, Purple - Trout Fly. Grillos’s story of the Hippie Stomper’s history has me laughing whenever the fly and its name come up. Coldwater Patterns, Fly Tying, Videos Tying a #16 Yellow Humpy The Humpy is one of those flies that can often cause a headache for new and experienced tyers alike, yet is a formidable force on the water. The Humpy has a variety of patterns and colors, but the Holo version from Orvis has proved its worth over and over again. This item ships directly from the manufacturer only by postal service. I was not impressed. The original version depends (too) largely on measuring the proportions to the micro-millimeter, while this new version will eliminate that variable. Thread: 8/0 to match body color. The fly utilized very bouyant deer hair which could handle the fast water situations of the Truckee River. Sizes: 12, 14, 16. Pattern Description: First off, yes, I know there is another method for tying the Humpy. Dry/Wet: Dry. Humpys should be big and fat. This is a great pattern to pair with a Zelon Nymph, Copper John, […] Hook: Any 1x long dry fly hook sizes #8-14. First a brief story of how the pattern first came on the scene and then how Orvis started the “Humpy” name. Pack Size. A great attractor fly pattern and certainly an excellent buoy for a dropper. Hook: Daiichi 1182, TMC 100, or Dai-Riki 300 #12 – 26. Body, Shellback & Wing: CDC. He claimed it caught fish everywhere. It’s a fast water attractor pattern, which floats well and can be seen a mile away. The IOBO Humpy, Shuttlecock, F Fly & Hackleless Elk Hair Caddis . Hook: TMC 900BL or 100 #14-16. My favorite colors are yellow, chartreuse and tan, but it can be tied in any color under the sun. Royal Humpy. Humpy Black. The Humpy Black is based on the Humpy Black. Description View All Models. Materials: Hook: Mustad 94840 or similar, sizes from #8 to #18. Originally the body of the Humpy was made from tying thread, more modern ties tend to use synthetic fur or antron dubbing. Humpy fly pattern. Humpy dry fly. “My aim was a size 12 to 16 fly that floated well and was extra visible for older guys to follow,” he said. The "IOBO Humpy" has but two materials..thread and a single CDC feather. Country of origin for this trout fly: Wyoming, USA. “The original fly came from California with Jack Horner. Wing: White Poly Yarn. Species: NA. Hackle: Brown and Grizzly. Thread: 8/0, Brown or black. The Humpy Black is also known as Goofus Bug. Hook: 8 to 14 light wire Thread: 8/0 Tan Tail: Natural Deer hair or Moose maneBody: Red, Orange, or Green 4 strand floss Shellback: Same as tailWing: White calf tailHackle: Brown . Use this as the dry fly on your dropper rig. It is a wildly successful western at­trac­tor whose fame is global. Tied to imitate nothing in particular, but still incredibly “buggy,” the Humpy is a great high-floating searching pattern for trout in backcountry settings. Directions: Begin thread on hook behind eye and cover shank with thread, ending at barb. Here is the fly pattern sheet for the IOBO Humpy (IOBO stands for It Oughta Be Outlawed)/ Natural Dun Natural Brown. Grayling are suckers for a size 20 to 24 IOBO Humpy but in my next Blog I’ll be talking about sight fishing for big grayling with nymphs, shrimps & bugs. This big trout fly floats well, and is visible even in the choppiest of rivers.

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