Sept News Letter

Monthly Newsletter September 2015

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.
School is back on secession, so be careful out there and give your selves extra time to where ever you may be traveling.
September is usually when I like to say that the worst of our HOT Florida summer days are behind us. BUT not this year! We are still pushing triple digits. All I can say….Get your swimsuits and hit the beach for a nice cool dip.


9/04/2015 6:00pm First Friday Art Walk, Downtown Ocala & Citizen Circle

9/05/2015 9:00am Ocala Farm Market, Downtown Ocala, Ocala, Fl.

9/06/2015 12:00pm Ocala Carnival, Martin Luther King Jr Recreation Complex

9/09/2015 3:00pm Six Gun Legends: Remembering Ocala’s Wild West,
Ocala Public Library

9/12/2015 9:00am Horse Show, Martin Luther King Jr Recreation Complex

9/16/2015 6:00pm Line Dance Lessons for Adults and Teens, Forest Community Center

9/19/2015 5:00pm Country Blend Band Night, Forest Community Center

9/24/2015 6:00pm Forest Jam, Musicians of all levels are welcome,
Forest Community Center

For additional information on these events and more please visit our web site

Joke for the month:

A woman came home to find her retired husband waving a rolled up newspaper round his head.
Wife: ‘What are you doing dear?’
Husband: ‘Swatting flies – I got 3 males and 2 females’
Wife: ‘How on earth do you know which gender they were?’
Husband: ‘Easy – 3 were on the beer, and the other 2 were on the phone’

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